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    Y STUDIO Classic - Pen Case

    DESCRIPTION The pen case is a hollow round container pieced together by brass and wenge wood. Revolve to open the upper cover. Bronze and wenge wood are both light, fresh...

    Y STUDIO Classic - Pen Container

    DESCRIPTION The pen container is cut from a brass cylinder, as well with the hand-made walnut base.Simple and clean shape. Can be used to storage all kinds of pens and...

    Y STUDIO Classic - Tape Dispenser

    DESCRIPTION The ystudio tape dispenser is an exquisite, simple piece of stationery on your desk. The central axle is cut from a solid brass, providing proper weight for steadiness and...


    TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink bottle: designed for every type of fountain pen and specific upper cap design for Diamond , 530, 540, 580, Mini fountain pen. NO INK INSIDE  ALL NEW POLISHED ALUMINUM FINISH!!  The TWSBI Diamond...

    Y STUDIO Classic - Paper Weight

    DESCRIPTION The paper weight is cut from a solid brass. The simple shape and heavy weight let your documents or paper stay still on your desk. Cone shape design makes...
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