Kaweco AL Sport Piston Fountain Pen (Matte Black)


Kaweco AL Sport Piston Fountain Pen (Matte Black)

Kaweco Piston Fountain Pen - Elegance Crafted Through Time

Kaweco's history dates back to 1883. Since then, the pen's filling system has undergone numerous changes.

Although today's most commonly used pens are cartridge-converter fountain pens, the piston mechanism allows ink to be directly drawn from an ink bottle into the pen's reservoir.

This offers greater convenience and a higher ink capacity.

This pen combines classic and innovative elements, not only capturing the charm of traditional fountain pens but also providing the convenience of modern writing.

Body Material: Aluminum alloy

Nib Sizes Available: EF (Extra Fine), F (Fine), M (Medium)

Weight: 22g

Dimensions: 10.5 cm with cap closed, 13 cm with cap posted at the back

Included: Ink cartridge, original factory box packaging

Retail Price: 6780 NTD