=Tyleepens Made= Cigar-shaped Dual Pen Holder in Genuine Leather

$2,000.00 $1,200.00

=Special Custom Order from Petite Elegance Collection= Cigar-Shaped Dual Pen Case in Genuine Leather

This specially customized pen case from the Petite Elegance Collection ensures your beloved fountain pens are perfectly protected from external abrasions and damage.

The leather surface is delicately smooth, and its style will become more pronounced over time.

The design is exquisite, with a maximum capacity to accommodate two Montblanc pens of the 149 model.

Please note:

  1. When placing two pens inside, ensure the clips are not facing each other to avoid collisions.

  2. Do not store in environments that are overly humid or dry.

  3. Avoid exposure to ink or other liquids to prevent stains that are difficult to clean.

  4. The pens in the images are for demonstration purposes only.