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    Metal SHARPENING MACHINE KLEIN BLUE® Edition - Limited Edition

    $7,800.00 $6,240.00
    DETAILS OF THE MACHINEThe collector sharpening machine dressed with the legendary and infinite ultramarine bluePrint of the artist engraved on the sharpening machineInterchangeable milling cutterTECHNIQUES FOR USEFor pastels and round...

    Metal SHARPENING MACHINE WONDER FOREST Green Edition - Limited Edition

    $7,800.00 $6,240.00
    PRODUCT'S DETAILSMetal sharpening machine in dark pine greenMachine engraved with “COLLECTOR’S EDITION 1933”Interchangeable cutterPACKAGINGCollector’s red metal box and sleeve reflecting the identity of the collection – dark green with gold...

    Metal SHARPENING MACHINE Standard Edition

    DETAILS OF THE MACHINEMetal sharpening machine standard editionInterchangeable cutterTECHNIQUES FOR USESuitable for sharpening pencils measuring 4 - 10 mm in diameterAllows you to adjust the type of pointPACKAGINGCardboard box
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