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Welcome to TyLee Pen Shop !

About TY Lee

About TY Lee

Introducing TY Lee Pen Shop

In the heart of Taiwan, where the rapid pulse of technology meets tradition, Mr. Lee embarked on a heartfelt journey to safeguard the timeless allure of fountain pens. Recognizing the importance of preserving this elegant writing tool's legacy, he initiated a platform dedicated exclusively to celebrating and discussing the art of fountain pens.

To further foster a love for this age-old tradition, every year, we host a much-anticipated fountain pen writing competition. This event not only showcases the beauty and grace of handwriting but also rekindles the passion for using fountain pens in today's digital age.

Realizing that the plethora of choices can sometimes be overwhelming, we established the "TY Lee Pen Shop" in 2008. It's not just a store; it's an experience. Our mission goes beyond merely selling pens. We are committed to offering tailored guidance, ensuring that each patron discovers a fountain pen that resonates with their unique style and preference. Join us in our endeavor to keep the flame of fountain pen culture burning brightly

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