Pelikan West Germany M250 Carve Logo Red 12K [Discontinued]

Pelikan West Germany M250 Carve Logo Red 12K [Discontinued]
  • Nib SizeHM/OM/OB
  • Nib Material12ct Gold
  • Nib ColorGold 
  • Body MaterialResin
  • Cap TypeScrew-cap
  • ModelM250
  • Diameter - body12.5cm
  • Filling SystemPiston / Ink Cartridges / Converters
  • Accessoriesinstructions & pen case 
  • Description

    This is the old west M250, that has been discontinued for a long time. The top crown Pelikan LOGO is a traditional carving.

    The nib is a rare 12K gold nib Available: HM/OM/OB optional HM nib is harder than current nib Suitable for fast writing without sloppy.

    The O of OM and OB stands for oblique tip There are obvious changes in thickness in English or Chinese OB is slightly thicker than OM.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------This type of fountain pen is not entirely new. You might find scratches on the body. As they have been previously used for testing, there are traces of ink on the nibs.

    Please refrain from buying them if it is a concern to you.