[HMM] Magnetic Pen


b [HMM] Magnetic Pen 

  • Weight:18.8 g
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Body Color:Black 
  • Cap Type:Magnetic
  • Model:Magnetic Pen
  • Diameter - body:11 cm 
  • Filling System:SCHMIDT Refill P900M
  • Accessoriesinstructions & pen case 
  • Description

    Magnetic Pen is made of aluminum alloy and weighs a mere 18.8g, turning writing tool into a light portable everyday item. The tip of the pen features a powerful magnetic structure that instantaneously pulls and holds the cap in place.
    Various accessories can be attached to the top of the cap to meet various needs, so users can hang or carry the pen anywhere and everywhere. The anodized matte black surface is subtle and mysterious, giving the common daily item an unique style that stands out. Aluminum