S.T. DUPONT High-End Custom Limited Edition Gold Dragon Fountain Pen

$430,000.00 $344,000.00
  • French S.T. DUPONT High-End Custom Limited Edition Gold Dragon Fountain Pen

    One of the high-end custom limited editions by S.T. Dupont draws inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac, vividly presenting the characteristics of each zodiac sign with a rich imagination.

    The Gold Dragon Fountain Pen incorporates the auspicious cloud patterns of the East, blending the classic beauty of Eastern design. In Eastern culture, the dragon is a mythical creature of great symbolic significance. It represents strength, dignity, and good fortune, often seen as a symbol of auspiciousness. The dragon also symbolizes wisdom, longevity, and prosperity.

    Moreover, the dragon holds particular importance in Chinese culture, frequently associated with imperial power and regarded as a symbol of the emperor. This Gold Dragon Fountain Pen, rich in symbolic meaning, features a cabochon-cut red agate set at the top of the cap, exuding majesty and power. The design of the dragon's head and the exquisite craftsmanship bring the dragon pattern to life with stunning realism.


    - The pen body is gold-plated bronze, with red lacquer made from natural lacquer.
    - The stand is made of bronze.
    - The dragon bead at the top of the pen is made of red agate.
    - Nib: 14K M nib

    Includes: Original pen case, ink absorber, one cartridge ink, one ballpoint pen grip, and one ballpoint pen refill.

    Price: 430,000