【IWI】Handscript Wooden pattern leather

$490.00 $441.00

Handscript is specially designed with short and light body, which allows users to enjoy the writing with no burden. The modern, colorful PU is soft and
smooth, enriching the writing experience. Along with 2 more versions: Wood pattern, the re-definition of the classic writing tool with traditional design;
and Carbon fiber, the clash of high-tech and the most ancient way of writing.
Made-In-Germany Peter Bock nibs has given this unique fountain pen a perfect writing quality, the selected EF size nib is super comfortable for multiple
usages such as note keeping, daily writing, drawing, architecture and numerous others with creation and innovation. It is a fountain pen for passionate
hand-writing groups of people.

● Fountain pen (EF Nib)

● H124mm x W13mm x D10.6mm 

● Cartridge or Converter