HONG DIAN Auspicious Dragon Presenting Auspiciousness Fountain Pen (RED)


The Traditional and Modern Fusion of Chinese Dragon Charm

Featuring an original design, this fountain pen captures the posture of a soaring dragon from an overhead perspective, perfectly embodying the majesty and mystery of the Chinese dragon.

The Azure Dragon, also known as the Canglong or Meng Zhang, is regarded as the guardian deity of the East among the ancient Chinese mythological "Four Spirits of Heaven," symbolizing the cosmic power of the seven mansions of the East.

The dragon totem design on the pen cap appears as if the dragon is lurking in the abyss, ready to emerge. Its exquisite details and tight texture demonstrate a level of craftsmanship that is meticulously refined.

A special lacquer treatment gives the pen body a transparent luster, while the arrangement pattern mimicking dragon scales adds a sense of mystery and grandeur.

Inspired by the texture of dragon scales, every detail on the pen body is clear and smooth, creating a noble and elegant visual feast.

The "Auspicious Dragon Presenting Auspiciousness" fountain pen is not just a writing tool, but also a piece of art carrying the essence of Eastern culture.

Nib: Stainless Steel F

Included: Pen case, ink absorber