Graf-Von Faber-Castell Fountain pen Pen of the Year 2008

$99,000.00 $74,520.00

Fountain pen Pen of the Year 2008 

No fewer than 84 rectangles have to be individually hand-made for the filigree herringbone pattern. No two segments are identical: each can be fitted at just a single position on the barrel. The masterpiece is crowned by a chessboard-faceted citrine gemstone set in the platinum-plated end cap. Platinized metal parts and an 18-carat bicolour gold nib provide the finishing touches to this Pen of the Year 2008, each pen individually numbered.


  • Each pen is individually numbered on the head of the plunger mechanism
  • 18-carat bicolour gold nib, "run in" by hand
  • Available in three nib widths:  F
  • Elaborate chessboard faceted citrine gemstone set in the barrel
  • The pen is sold in an exclusive wooden case and is accompanied by a beautifully designed booklet and a limited edition certificate